Tips to Choosing a Home Builder





Picking the best home builder seems like a daunting task. It’s one of the biggest decisions and largest investments that you’ll ever make. And of course, you want to do it right!


Here are some tips to help you through this awesome project with less stress.


  • Do your research before you do anything. This is the time when the more research you do the better the outcome will be.
  • You can find local home builders through Internet searches and through your National Home Builders Association.
  • Local Real estate agents sometimes have the inside scoop on who is a reputable home builder in your area.
  • Hiring a designer is also a good idea and will be a very good source for local home builders and their practices. Home designers usually have the first-hand experience when it comes to knowing the quality of workmanship of certain home builders. A good home builder will have no problem working with your designer during the design process to make sure that the home is created to your ideal and within your budget.
  • You need to find a home builder that is willing to work within your budget and one that will build your house to the specifications that you are asking for. Be sure to match the home builder to the scope of your build.
  • The home builder should have experience building custom homes to order and not just the cookie cutter type that are all the same.
  • Knowing the track record of the home builders other projects gives you a good idea of the home builders qualifications and quality of work. Make sure that the home builders licenses are current and always ask for references.
  • When you have made a short list of prospective home builders take tours of model homes or customer homes that the home builder has built for past buyers. This step is essential! Visit as many as you are able to find. This way you can check for consistency in materials and workmanship.
  • # 1 Define your needs and what you are willing to pay.
  • # 2 Experience matters. Try to choose a home builder that has been around the block once or twice.
  • # 3 Ask for and always check references. Are past customers happy with the choice they made to hire the home builder?
  • # 4 Make sure that the home builder is certified or licensed in the state that you are in.
  • # 5 Be sure that the best home builder for you is one that has expertise in building the kind of home you want to build.
  • # 6 Make sure the best home builder for you has great service and has a warranty on the products they will be using for your build.
  • # 7 Find out if the past homes built by the home builder have maintained or increased their value on the resale market.
  • # 8 It is always good to make sure that the best home builder for your needs is a member of the National Home Builders Association.
  • # 9 Take tours of homes that the home builder has built in the past and if possible talk with current homeowners to find out their opinions on the quality, durability and workmanship put into their homes.
  • # 10 The best home builders will always be up front and totally transparent with every detail of your build. This is an exciting time in your life and the decisions you make in choosing which is the best home builder for your dream home will last a lifetime! Good Luck!!!