Solar power in Florida




Florida, a state in the south-eastern region of the United States of America, is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, part of the Atlantic Ocean. The state, which is famous for its beaches, sun, sand and surfing, suffers frequent power outages. With Gulf of Mexico along its sides, the city of sunshine is prone to an array of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornado, floods and tropical storms. These disasters affects the power efficiency of the state and interrupts the power supply resulting in frequent power outages.


This adversely impacts the households and businesses all over the state. To overcome the power trouble homeowners of Florida must turn to an alternative source of energy i.e. Solar powered energy.


The Sunlight conditions are pretty good in Florida and on an average the sun shines for 240 days a year in the state. Even on a cloudy day, solar panels are capable of generating power, although the amount would wary. People should starting using sunlight for their good. Solar power is indeed a cheap, sustainable and natural source of energy and it can be put to quite a good number of uses. Using solar cells to harness the power of Sunlight, for which the state is famous, the homeowners can stop becoming victims of power outages. People can install solar cells on the roof of their homes and places where they get direct sunlight to maintain a good supply of electricity.


They can also install solar powered heaters to get hot water without using conventional sources of energy. Using solar power benefits not only people but also the environment. It saves a good amount of money along with reducing carbon footprints. A wide range of products which uses solar energy are available in the market such as solar water purifier, solar blankets, solar attic fans, heaters, photo-voltaic cells, etcetera. These products are portable and can be reinstalled when moving out of the old place to a new place. It is a one time investment and the benefits are countless. Even the maintenance of solar products requires a little amount of money. By installing such products people don’t have to depend on the conventional sources for power which gets severely damaged during natural calamities.