Plumbing is an Important Aspect of the Home – Pipe Relining; the When, the Why and the How



What is a home without proper plumbing? A potential health hazard for all living there, a disaster waiting to occur, damage to property and surrounding property values. Our homes are extensions of ourselves in some regard, and in keeping our homes up-to-date with all the proper amenities it is important to maintain the basic surroundings be they inclusive of plumbing features along with others. Pipe damage occurs beneath the ground, however, there are some tell tale signs that may be used to determine whether or not one needs to reline his/her pipes.

Are there signs to observe to know when relining would need to take place?

Yes, in fact, there are several signs that may be observed and I will take the time now to list them.

· If you are noticing a backup of water. Wherein you notice an improper to no flow of water through the pipes and there is a settlement of water, then maybe you ought to consider calling a plumber.

The Low quality of water. Water is essential to the survival of all life form. If you notice that the water flowing through your pipes contain sediments, has a different color than normal then you may need to reline your pipes.

· Trees have deep roots and often times grow quite viciously underground puncturing pipes, walls or anything that may be in their way. As such, if a nearby tree has punctured your pipes then relining them would be a good thing to do.

· An odor in the yard. When you find that there is a weird smell then that could very well be a sign that there is something that needs to be addressed.

· Strange gurgling noises from the toilet. Toilets are meant to be flushed and the usual downward spiral is meant to be seen. Where it is that you flush and hear an odd sound then chances are you may need to reline the pipes.

· Clogs, rust or debris. Where there is build up, there is degradation. It is important to observe situations of this nature as it could be potentially disastrous and harmful for your health and the health of your family.

When can you reline the pipes?

Ideally, this may be done all throughout the year at any given time. But for ease of access for your plumber, during the Spring or Fall, would be the most ideal as the soil is softer during this time and there is the ability for easier access to the piping.

At the end of it all, a pipe reline is a process necessary for the maintenance of your home. Proper plumbing speaks to a healthy well-kept home as then the waste would be able to excrete itself without causing damage to those in the surrounding environment.