How to Pick the Best Wheels for my Car




Wheels are often an overlooked part of an automobile and more often than not car owners change wheels with the sole purpose of making their vehicles more visually appealing. However, there is more than meets the eye with car wheels. They are a vital component of the car and have a large say in vehicle performance. Here are a few pointers on how to pick out the best wheels for your car:


Aluminum or steel?

Usually, the best wheels are made from either aluminum or steel and their alloys. With steel, which has far more weight than its counterpart, you get greater stability which is great for slippery roads if that’s a daily occurrence for you.

On the other hand, aluminum is much lighter, which translates into you saving you a significant amount of money on gas bills. Moreover, the shocks arising from bumps are less pronounced with this material.

Also, aluminum gets rid of the heat buildup during braking much faster than steel, so you won’t need to visit your mechanic very often. In nutshell, aluminum is the better choice when it comes to performance driving.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

While bigger wheels are great at enhancing your car’s stage presence, they do more harm than good to your car if they don’t fit it perfectly.

They reduce your vehicle’s stability and could also damage springs and suspensions when going over bumps. Moreover, you would also get inaccurate speedometer readings as it’s built specifically with a certain wheel diameter in mind.

Stick to at most an inch below or above the manufacturer’s wheel size. Smaller wheels are an excellent choice too. Apart from obviously being cheaper, they make the car more firm and usually make for a quieter ride. The best wheels, therefore, aren’t always bigger.

The wheel color is also important

Wheels come in an array of all sorts of colors and the one that’s best for your car depends on your personal preference really as it doesn’t influence car performance in any way. However, go for one that complements your car perfectly. If you’re short on ideas, you can never go wrong with black and silver. A good color adds a touch of style and elegance.


There are many more other factors to consider, depending on the make and model of your car, when picking out the best wheels. However, the common rule that cuts across is that the wheels you buy should match every measurement and fitting specifications of your car perfectly. Never compromise on compatibility which includes matching bolting patterns.