Why a Business Needs Online Marketing



Businesses today cannot overlook online marketing.  Online marketing is the only way for a business to grow today, and it’s been like this for quite sometime, and no end is in site.  The sad truth is most small business owners overlook online marketing.  They do not consider it important in the slightest.  For some they don’t have time for it.  For others it’s they don’t have the money, and for a good chunk – they simply don’t care.  Or worse, you’re a small business owner that fits all three criteria.  What business owners need to understand is the consumer cares about online marketing – or if a business is online – so the business owner should care – if they want to be relevant.


A few years ago a business could play it cool and skip the new trend of building a website and jumping on the online bandwagon, but now it’s a do or die situation.  You either do it and pray you survive, or you don’t and you’re guaranteed to die.  Businesses that are just starting or just decided to go online have a tough if not almost impossible mountain to climb.  Their competitors have most likely been online for over a decade, so it’s going to take a lot of work.



For example, if you’re a roofing Birmingham AL contractor, 85% of Birmingham residents needing a new roof or roof repair would go online to search.  With 85% of the marketplace happening online a roofing company would be stupid not to be online.  However, you just can’t be online, you need to be found, and your site has to be able to convert.  So you need a search optimized as well as a responsive website.  It doesn’t just end there.  You also need to grow your brand and audience through social media – this is all part of the online marketing world now.



Having an SEO website and a strong social media presence where you engage with your following might seem like a big challenge, but it’s not as bad as it seems.  There are so many marketing website such as Hootsuite that can help a small business manage their social media.  You can hire an SEO consultant to optimize your website and help get you onto page 1 of Google.  There are tons of apps that can help you with social media and online marketing or you can outsource it completely and sit back and run your business, knowing your online marketing plan is working.