It Might Be Time for a New Roof



Do you have an older house and are concerned about the quality of the roof? After all, roofs are essential to the structure and value of your home. Most professionals will recommend, depending on the material used, that a roof will need to be replaced every 20 to 50 years. On top of that, roofs should be inspected biannually to make sure no significant damage has occurred. But do you know what to look for during an inspection, and more importantly, when it might be time for a new roof? Below are some signs that the time has come to hire a roofing contractor (and not put it off any longer).

Signs you Need a New Roof

– Curled, cupped or damaged shingles
– Dark streaks and damage left by mold, moss, or algae
– Missing shingles, granules or bald spots (roof valleys)
– Leaking or daylight showing through roof boards

These are common structural issues that are easily visible during a roof inspection. While some of these problems can be fixed on your own time and by your own hand, if the damage is widespread and significant, it might be a better value to contact a roofing contractor and discuss the costs associated with a new roof.

Sometimes you Can Just Tell (the Eye Test)

One simple way to tell that it might be time to call a roofing contractor is just by asking the simple questions: Does the roof look old and worn? Is it over 20 years old? How does it compare to other roofs? Unfortunately there may not always be obvious indicators and someone to tell you that it’s time for a new roof. A visual examination and a gut feeling might be enough. Typically, if you think it might be time, it means that the time has come (this being said from a renowned procrastinator…maybe you know the feeling).

You can also do a visual comparison of your roof with others. For example, if you notice neighbors from the other homes in the area starting to do significant roof repairs on houses that were built around the same time, it might be time to call a roofing contractor. This is especially significant if you care about the property value of your house in relation to others in the neighborhood.

Bottom line…if you think it’s time…it probably is. Call a roofing contractor for an estimate.