Make Your Students Successful with Oracle

Gartner recently recognized the importance of student experience in their April 2017 report, The Future of the Student Experience is Personal. Higher education institutions need to help students succeed, and a personalized and integrated student experience is one of the key ways to do so. The CIOs of the higher education institutions are standing up and taking notice, too.

To address those needs, Oracle is working closely with the Higher Education User Group (HEUG) to define the path for the evolving Student Cloud solutions. I would like to share some upcoming events and resources where Oracle will be in the coming weeks and months in the area of Student Cloud.

  • First, please join members of the Oracle Student team at the SouthCentral Regional HEUG Conference, July 24-25. We plan to host several design meetings with interested attendees at that meeting. We will plan similar opportunities at the other US and International Regional HEUG meetings.
  • Secondly, for those members of the HEUG community, including Institutional and Allied Group Members, we’d like to invite you to attend the HEUG Education Series webinar, July 27th (Oracle Student Cloud 101: An update for the HEUG Community)

Even if you are not a member of HEUG, come join us at OpenWorld in San Francisco, October 1-5th to see our latest developments. In fact, if you register before July 22nd, you could save $500! Join us for our dedicated Education Industry track sessions.

We are excited about the upcoming activities to help higher education institutions provide a better student experience. We invite you to experience our latest developments, so join us at the HEUG events or at OpenWorld, either live or virtually!

In the meantime, check out some design concepts we have showcased with our Student Cloud video.

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