Why a Van Nuys locksmith would need SEO



Just like every other business on the internet, exposure and
proper marketing lead to high volume traffic and bigger profits for a Van Nuys locksmith.
Search Engine Optimization is a process in which a professional optimizes your
site for a targeted keyword (in this case, locksmith) so that it appears as
high as possible on Google Search results.


The Importance of Being on Top

The reason for this is simple – “nobody goes on the 2nd
page of Google”. Shown in numbers, more than 93% of all google traffic occurs 
on the first page, meaning that if your business website isn’t among the top 10
results when a potential customer searches your target keyword – your chances
to attract large number of customers and exposure are almost nonexistent.


Twofold Benefit


There are two reasons why high ranking in google search
results is really important. Firstly, your business will be seen by a large
number of people daily, creating the unique opportunity for you to use your
site as an advertising space to create revenue. Secondly, being a king of the
hill’ in the search results, also means that your brand is really good match
for the target keyword – which in itself inspires a greater level of trust in
the potential customer. That is to say, if your brand appears in the top 3
results on the first page it means that you are a really good locksmith, according to Google and other search


Easier B2B Communication


Being an authority site or business in your targeted keyword,
also facilitates an easier communication between you and other potential
partners. This will also help you tremendously in your long-term brand
development, as well as in the creation of a strong and stable network of 
professional contacts on Facebook. It creates a self-sustaining snowball effect for your
overall profits.

In Summary


SEO is an essential part of internet marketing. Any brand
who wishes to utilize the full potential of the internet, should consider
getting their website optimized.