Why You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager


Most business owners know when they need to hire a social media manager.  The time comes when they realize they can’t afford to waste time, money, and energy on social media postings when they have a business to run.  There are the business owners that think they can do it themselves – and that’s awesome if you have the time and knowledge, but that criteria doesn’t fit most business owners.  Here are a few signs if you fit into the latter categories that’s it time to hire a social media management company.

You don’t think much of social media – You run a store wide promotion, or you run a sale or host a special event to attract new clients and customers, and it’s successful, but later on you think, “I should have put that on social media.”  Yes, that would have boosted sales and your event, but it always puts you a step behind.

You work over 40 hours a week – When you’re a business owner, you’re already getting to that stage of feeling overwhelmed, why add the stress of managing social media on top of it?

You lack communication – If someone send a message through Facebook or Twitter, you don’t see it or respond to it a week or two later, even though you realize it should have been addressed much sooner.  Being a business owner you know customers expect and appreciate when they get a response within 24 hours, and most of the time if it’s outside of social media, you can address them much faster.  Facebook has a feature that is put on your profile that states, “Responsive to Messages.”  To receive this icon, you have to respond within 5 minutes to every message that comes in.  Crazy, huh?

You don’t understand Social Media – The popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might leave you scratching your head.  You might have even opened accounts since it’s the next big thing, but it’s not on your plate on a day to day schedule, so it becomes an afterthought.  You use social media when you get an itching, but you don’t know how to effectively leverage your social media profiles to boost your business.

If any of these statements are true for you, then you need to hire a social media manager today.  By having a social media marketing company backing you up, you will learn new strategies, see user engagement increase, and see a rise in profits.